Vanesa Lorenzo: ‘Color is a poetic language’

Las prendas diseñadas por Vanesa Lorenzo no atienden a las tendencias y sin embargo, son tendencia. La filosofía de su marca es el lujo silencioso y la atemporalidad, dos conceptos tan fáciles de entender como difíciles de llevar a la práctica. Inspirada por la mujer actual y por sus contradicciones, todas sus colecciones son ejercicios de elegancia y discreción, de clasicismo y originalidad. Empezamos septiembre con una entrevista que nos desvela a la activa diseñadora que hay dentro de una modelo internacional.

The garments designed by Vanesa Lorenzo don’t cater to trends and yet, they are trend. The philosophy of her brand is quiet luxury and timelessness, both concepts as easy to understand as difficult to implement. Inspired by contemporany woman and her contradictions, every collection is elegant and discreet, classic and original. We begin September with an interview that reveals the lively designer you can find behind an international model.

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Helena Rohner: ‘The jewel is a shy sculpture’ / ‘La joya es una escultura tímida’

Helena Rohner by Anton Goiri   Designer Helena Rohner is able to dialogue with colors and shapes to create objects with soul. Her jewels are known for her personal style and the undeniable elegance. Simplicity, evocation of nature, artisan quality and vitality are the main features of her pieces. When you treasure one of these,…

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Ana Santonja: ‘My best projects don’t bear my name’ / ‘Mis mejores proyectos no llevan mi nombre’

Ana Santonja is a Spanish reference specialist in textile pattern design. Her experience as Chief Editor of the international magazine Texitura, as General Manager of Círculo Textil and as Master Principal at Istituto Europeo di Design for the last four years, support her solid career in this specialised design field. Ana Santonja es una profesional…

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