Jeffrey Ludlow is back at Lisbon-Paris-Madrid. A lot has changed
his first interview here in 2017. Things have changed to him, to you, to us as a society, to companies and institutions, to design’s standards, and to this blog, a free digital space that has grown up during these years. And saying hello! again to Jeffrey, an architect who is in love with design in all its forms, I inaugurate a new chapter in which international creatives are invited to join me, expressing themselves in their own native language.

In this interview, Jeffrey talks to us about his remarkable career path in the last four years, about Point of Reference –the brand new project he is involved now, about his passion for signage and wayfinding, about the frugality of the Spanish’s culture or the deep interests of the youngest design students. Let’s see what an American architect-designer think about the complexity of our time.

Jeffrey Ludlow es el Director de la oficina de 2×4 en Madrid y también su Director Creativo. Su visión internacional, formación como arquitecto y trayectoria nos llevan a descubir en esta entrevista nuevas perspectivas del diseño como servicio y como imparable motor creativo.

Jeffrey Ludlow is 2×4 Madrid Office Principal and Creative Director. His international vision, trajectory and architecture background let us discover in this interview new perspectives of design as a service and as an unstoppable creative engine. (Find below the complete english version of this interview!)